15 Jun 2016

Got7 Trash.

Last month I bought an E-Pop magazine which was kinda rare for me because I don't really read magazine as much as I read Gempakstarz and that was few years ago.

I stumbled across one small supermarket that sells everything. My eyes got hooked with the front cover of E-Pop magazine especially when Got7 da bomb.

'Flight Log: Departure' was their latest album.
I can't exactly remember what issue they got featured in.

I bought it because Got7 is my ultimate group tbh. 

Ayus kept harassing me with her sarcasm lately.

"Kita tahu kaklong beli buku ni sebab bukan nak baca," she stopped her words.

1 comment:

  1. saya pon ada epop cover ni.. rasa mcm cantik je dengan warna pink nye hahahha