12 Jun 2013

Karangan mengenai perihal diri, perancangan pengajian dan kerjaya.

I am Nur Masitah Binti Zulkifli Shah, age of 18 years old. I was born in 25 November 1995 at Hospital Daerah Muar, Johor. Even though I was born there, but I was raised and live at Selangor with family in my lifetime. My family consists of 6 people, which is both are my beloved parents, and 4 other was my siblings. My father works as a bank clerk while my mom is only a full-time housewife. I have 2 little sisters, 1 brother, and I am the eldest. As the eldest, I was burdened by huge responsibilities especially to be a great role model to my other siblings.

I was entered to primary school at SK Selayang Baru (1) on 2002. Apart from that, I was also entered to primary Islamic religious school called SRA Nurul Iman near to At-Taqwa mosque. On 2007, I was sat for my UPSR and PSRA exams. After few months, I have acquired both of my results and disappointed because didn't achieve my goal. My results was not outstanding as other students, but I did try my very best.

Later, I went to continue my studies at SMK Selayang Bharu on 2008. After 3 years of studying, on 2010 I was sat for PMR examination. I took 8 subjects but didn't pass with flying colours and feeling depressed. 2 years after that, I was majored in accounting when I was in form 4 and form 5. I have acquired a ‘modest’ grade, as was printed on my SPM slip.

After so many years I was in high school, I realize what I want to do and what to achieve in the future. I knew it that I wanted to study in Graphic Design since I was in high school. I love all kind of things that has relationship with designing of new stuffs and gives the promotion of new ideas. I have the knowledge about this career because I did some research thoroughly in the internet. I also have an uncle who works as a Graphic Designer and was impressed by his amazing work results.

In the daily duties of the graphic design; we can find some things for example, stay in connection with the new technologies, treat to understand our costumers, and produce new sophisticated ideas. These things can make the difference to be successful in design. I like the idea of having to aware the new technologies; new technologies bring benefits by delivering the convenience of giving information so we can gives the promotion of new ideas; and treat to understand the customers is something necessary to do in every work.

The salary of someone who studied graphic design is different; because it depends of the field that you are developing in this subject, the level of experience and the region where we work.

As we can see in Malaysia we have an extremely talented youngsters working as a graphic design that has contributes so much because they have been successful raised the name of Malaysia on the world stage. We can see the bright future of the country that we have potentials to reach to the international standard or even higher than that. Even more so when many of our brilliant young people begin to seize the golden opportunities and create a healthy competitive culture with other developed countries.

What do I want to do in the future and what is my goal? I want to build a strong carrier, I want to be a successful Graphic Designer, and have a stable economy. I want to challenge myself to be more creative and dare myself to take risk to produce advanced work. My goal is to develop my country by contributing in my own way and I want to make my parents proud of me because they have been through so much obstacle and challenge to raise me until now. Without them supporting behind my back, I am nobody.

This is a little bit about myself and also planning my career that I want to do. Hopefully my studying goes smoothly thus can devote to my family and country. Thank you.

haha bi aku, macam tah pape. well ini esei untuk loan mara aku. hopefully everything goes well. huhuu

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